Floral Department


From the colorful blossoms chosen to the packaging that embraces the stems, our trend-themed bouquets make the perfect indulgence that is fashionable, stylish, and in the know.

When you walk into Ruby’s, the first department you will see is our quaint floral shop with five on-trend categories of arrangements, plants fresh from Florida, and local candles. When shopping the floral department, you’ll see signs of our on trend arrangements.

Serene Bouquets

SERENE: Delicately colored pastels that embody calmness
Quietly imagined and casually conceived, these softened hues motivate a lifestyle that embraces happy thoughts, avoids all things stressful, and seeks an optimistic approach.

Grounded Bouquets

GROUNDED: Sophisticated blossoms that mirror nature in the city
Diverting the hard edge of the urban jungle, nature’s basic elements are curated and exhibited with a sense of reverence and responsibility. The colors foraged from the land, water, and sky reflects the earth’s renewable and sustainable bounty.

Exuberant Bouquets

EXUBERANT: Vividly colored flowers that encourage a lust for life
Boldly mounted and infused with energy, our most powerful style fuels a lust for life that is expressed in a rainbow of vibrant color. This polychromatic celebration captures the imagination of the young and young at heart.

Globalized Bouquets

GLOBALIZED: World style that reflects the native spirit in all of us
Tribal artisanship merges for an aesthetic that embraces the diverse contributions of our combined primitive cultures. This fusion delivers dynamic contrasts and surprising homogeneity as it mixes and merges for a richly layered aesthetic.

Retrograde Bouquets

RETROGRADE: Nostalgic blossoms mixed with an updated point-of-view
Repurposing the past for a fresh perspective requires a youthful eye and spirit. Memorabilia and salvaged finds explode with wit and innovation in a palette of colors that are greyed with age, textured with nostalgia, and cleverly realized.