Welcome to Fonnie’s Tap House & Food Hall


Fonnie was a mule trader and did his best to obey the rules of the house set by Ruby, his loving wife of many years. She made it clear she would not abide liquor in her home, but Fonnie found ways to hide his bottles here and there. We think Fonnie would have gotten a hoot from the idea of a bar in the same place where he bought groceries and we found it fitting to name our tap house after his ornery but loyal spirit. Welcome to Fonnie’s Tap House.


Fonnie’s Tap House features beer, wine, and kombucha on tap. Our menu is always changing. To keep up to date with the newest in-house products and events, download the Untappd app (iTunes, Android) and like us on Facebook.


Belly up, get comfortable, and enjoy our weekly specials. In the warmer months, enjoy our patio that features live music and good times.


11 AM to 10 PM every day

Fonnie's Tap House


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