Ruby's Rewards

Earn points, redeem points, and receive promotions on the items you buy

Sign up to receive discounts, digital coupons and specials on the good for you foods you know and love. Your pass to the Good Food for All!

Sometimes deciding on items is hard and you just want money off your bill, don’t worry, Ruby’s Rewards does this too! Redeem 2,500 points for a $5 gift card at the checkout; you may get your gift card at $5 or at $25. We cap earnings at $25, so use 'em while you’ve got 'em!

Sign up!

You’ll be glad you did. It’s Easy and FREE! Simply fill out the membership form available at the customer service desk where you receive a card and key tags! Sign up for an account today! (must have card number)

Immediate rewards!

Take advantage of special offers as you shop today. Look for signs throughout the store indicating items that help you earn bonus points when purchased.

See your points

There are three ways to check your loyalty points:

  1. Look at your most recent receipt
  2. Have an employee scan your card at the register
  3. Log into your account by visiting My Account; your points will be displayed below the Store Card section. The 'Points Balance' and 'Rewards Balance' will be updated upon clicking the 'Refresh' link under the Card Balance section. The profile is also synced when you sign in and out.

If your information changes

No problem. It is very important to keep your information updated as it changes so you do not miss out on any special offers sent via e-mail or text message. To make changes, simply fill out another application and check the “information change” box. Provide your current card number, first name, last name, address, city, state, and zip code.

How safe is my personal information?

Ruby’s Market will not sell any information to an outside company or third party marketing agent. Your information will only be used to keep you informed of discounts, digital coupons, hottest new items, and in-store specials Ruby’s Market has in store for you. Ruby’s Market will not release your name, address, or any other information to any outside company.


How do I redeem my points?
You can redeem your points for free or discounted items throughout Ruby’s Market – just look for signs throughout the store, in the ad or you can receive specials via e-mail.

Why are you collecting data on my purchases?
Once we know what you purchase, we will be able to send you special offers and discounts on a variety of items YOU purchase.

Can a spouse or family member use the same card?
Yes, in fact it is encouraged to use the same card number to maximize the use of Ruby’s Rewards card program. This helps ensure that your purchases are going to the correct household!

How much will I save?
How much you save will depend on how much you spend each time you shop. While the amount of items and savings available each will vary, there will always be plenty of promotions that you can participate in.

Does Ruby’s Rewards affect prices?
Ruby’s valued prices are the same with our without a card. Using your card at checkout is an additional perk of being a loyal Ruby’s Market customer. At checkout is where you will earn and redeem points.

What if I forgot my card?
That’s not a problem! Just give the cashier your phone number at checkout and you will earn points and redeem points just the same.